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Tutorial on how to place order.

Step 1 : Browse to

Step 2 : Scroll down to view product and Category at right hand menu

Step 3 : Click on Category to view product in that Category. Example shows product in "Activities Wear".

Select the size and type in quantity desired and press "Add to Cart" button. Example show Size "S" and Quantity "30"

Step 4 : Shopper can search product by typing key word in VM-Search in Shop and press Enter.

Example show search key word "silver button"

Step 5 : Search result will show product that meet the search criteria. Example show result for "silver button"

Step 6 : A notification window will appear to indicate that product has been added.

Example show 1 x Silver Button (S) was added to your cart.

Press "Continue Shopping" to add other product or press "Show Cart" to view all product added

Step 7 : Review all the product and do any changes if needed.

Kindly also make sure the total order is above our minimum order of RM20. 

Tick on "Term of Service" and press "Check Out Now" to proceed with the order

Step 8 : Repeat shopper can key in Username Password and press "Login"

Step 9 : First time shopper kindly scroll down and fill in accordingly. Column with * is mandatory

Step 10 : Example shows sample data entered in the column with *.

Kindly enter accurate details for better estimation of shipment charge

Press "Register And Checkout" to proceed with the order

Step 11 : Select the shipment method desired.

If no shipment option appear, kindly select "Self Collect" and mention your difficulty in notes section later.

Press "Save" button and proceed

Step 12 : Review the order, kindly take note on billing address, shipment address and shipment method

Step 13 :Choose desired Payment method desired

and type in any special request in "Notes and special requests" section.

For example "No Shipment method is available, I want my product to courier to me, please inform shipment fee"

then Press "Confirm Purchase"

Step 14 : Congratulation! An order has been successfully placed. Take note on order ref no.

Order Information page will be display for shopper to print out or save as pdf

meanwhile a notification email will be sent to both shopper and store supplies

Step 15 : Sample show document printable or save as pdf.

Please take note on the information displayed at the bottom of the order information

Important Note: Kindly be advised that the price shown here are for reference purposes only.

The final price may vary due to unforeseen errors.

Please wait for us to contact you for the final price to be made. Thank you.

Kindly email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further assistance required